Parent Power is compellingly practical reading. It underscores the imperative that there is nothing more important to a child’s future than a loving, caring and knowledgeable parent-and that speaks to the very future of our country.

David Lawrence, Jr., Former Publisher, Miami Herald; President, The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation.


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At a time when there is so much noise and blather about children and families in the public debate, in Parent Power Jack Westman offers a clear signal based on decades of experience and a clear reading of the research. He calls the bluff of those who mouth empty platitudes like “our children are the future” and lays out what it really means to take that proposition seriously, as a matter of national security, prosperity, and moral principle.

James Garbarino, Ph.D., Founding Director, Center for the Human Rights of Children; Professor of Psychology, Loyola University Chicago.


Dr. Westman’s well-researched, bold proposal focusing on how to give our children the best start in life by having every birth mother and father sign a Parenthood Pledge deserves to be widely-debated. Our traditional view that parenthood is a right, with little thought about how well we raise our children, belongs to a bygone era. Our culture’s obsession with money and economic growth and success, as measured by the GDP, takes little heed of the heavy social costs we bear when children are abandoned, mistreated, miseducated or left to become wards of the state.

Dr. Hazel Henderson, President, Ethical Markets Media; author Building A Win-Win World and Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy.


Millions of American children are neglected and abused. We all pay a price, as this provocative book shows. As with any effort to strengthen families, Parent Power’s proposals will be controversial, but deserve to be understood and debated.

Ann Crittenden, author of The Price of Motherhood.


It is time to listen to Dr. Westman before another generation of children fills our prisons and rehab centers or die. Shouldn’t the most vulnerable of our society, our children, have the right to the strongest opportunity to be protected in our land of “Liberty and Justice for All”.

Judge Charles D. Gill, Connecticut Superior Court.