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Our governments become involved in struggling families and their adult offspring at the cost of 23% of state and 45% of county expenditures that flow largely from our federal income taxes.

Parents who raise a productive citizen contribute $1.4 million to our economy. Parents who abuse and/or neglect a child who becomes a crim-inal or welfare dependent cost our economy $2.8 million. As a result, the United States is at the top of the list of developed nations in child abuse and neglect and at the bottom in educational achieve-ment. Without concerted action, every American taxpayer will continue to suffer the consequences.

For humanitarian and financial reasons─and for our nation’s prosperity─we must get our government out of family lives by preventing the formation of, and reducing the number of, struggling families in the United States. We can do this by ensuring that every newborn baby has an opportunity to succeed in life by limiting the custody of newborn babies to persons who are not under the custody of others themselves. This can be done through a Parenthood Pledge that expands the birth certificate to become a parenthood certificate for the parent(s) of that child. When a girl or woman under the custody of others becomes pregnant, a Parenthood Planning Team would be activated to ensure that a qualified person(s) co-signs the Parenthood Pledge and has custody of the baby at birth. If there is no willing qualified person(s), a plan would be made for adoption at birth.

Only by fulfilling the right of all newborn babies to have competent parents will the United States ensure its prosperity.


At some point in their lives, half of all children born in the United States will have lived in one-parent homes, primarily headed by women. More than half of them will live in poverty for a time and will continue the cycle of family disadvantage.

  • Of households including children 66% consist of married couples, 26% consist of homes with mothers, 7% consist of homes with fathers, and 1% other;
  • 21% of married couples and 59% of unmarried couples have children from more than one relationship;
  • Over 700,000 teenage girls are pregnant each year; 10,000 are 14 or younger;
  • Eight of 10 teenage mothers don’t marry the father of their child;
  • Every year, 3 million referrals are made to child protective services;
  • 5 children die every day from abuse;
  • The United States ranks 18th of 21 Western countries in overall child wellbeing.